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Maximize Your Life Story: Leadership Lessons Learned

Keynote (Wisconsin Bankers Association’s BOLT Summer Leadership Summit)

Program Description:

You'll hear an inspirational story of an immigrant who started a community bank and helped it grow to over $300 million in assets in less than ten years. Marci encourages community bankers to not give up the fight and stay in the game. She shares ways for you to not only survive these times but also thrive and compete with the large financial institutions. In this talk, Marci will share about her experiences and major life events that shaped her into the person she is today. The struggles and successes we experience throughout our lives are not just for us to learn from but for us to share them with others. Marci will share leadership lessons learned through her life and you will walk away inspired to share and maximize your life story. 

Topics Covered:

  1. How your life’s experiences are to be shared with others

  2. Live and lead with awareness and appreciation, not fear

  3. Discover your talents and use them to help others

  4. Prepare and learn throughout your life

  5. Three key leadership lessons learn

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