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Cash Management: How Sales, Operations, and Technology Can Collaborate to Generate More Fee Income


During this webinar, you will gain a more in-depth knowledge of Cash Management (aka Treasury Management) products and services. You will learn about all the Cash Management products and services available in the marketplace, identify the products and services your community bank currently offers, what you’re missing, and come up with strategies to implement and offer the right products and services for your bank. You will also learn the “behind the scenes” on the most important products and how they interact with technology.

After attending this webinar, you will walk away with a deeper knowledge of Cash Management, conduct a risk assessment on any new products, and bring back ideas to your bank on how to market Cash Management products and services to your business clients. In addition, your team will also work better together knowing how critical each area is to the success of the implementation and sale of these products and services.

Seminar/Workshop/Webinar Overview:

·        Part I – Cash Management Knowledge

·        Part II – Marketing & Sales Process

·        Part III – Product Implementation

·        Part IV – The Future of Cash Management

Topics Covered:

·        What is Treasury Management (aka Cash Management)?

·        The Evolution of Cash Management/History/Background

·        Review of the Account Analysis and what it’s used for

·        Overview of all Cash Management products in the market

·        How to determine which products you need to offer to your business customers

·        Determine who your in-house experts should be and provide the appropriate training

·        How Cash Management is integrated with the Bank’s Technology, Operations and Sales teams

·        Identifying new bank fee opportunities

·        Ideas on how to market and brand your Cash Management products

·        Process to implement Cash Management products

·        The future of Cash Management (including Blockchain and Bitcoin, Cardless/Contactless ATMs/ITMs, and Digital Payment Methods available)

Who Should Attend

Cash Management operations and sales personnel –especially those new to Cash Management, Deposit sales team, Business bankers/lenders, Technology personnel (IT network support and core system support staff), Presidents and COOs who want to learn more about Cash Management.

Why You Should Attend

To obtain a better understanding of all Cash Management products and their history. To learn more in-depth how Cash Management interacts with the business banking, IT, and deposit operations teams. You will walk away with ideas on how to improve your current sales process by incorporating the Cash Management team from the start. You will also learn about the future products your bank should offer to your clients and how new payment systems may affect your institution.

Key Learning Objectives

1.       Gain a deeper understanding of Cash Management (history and future)

2.       Gain knowledge of Cash Management products and how they help your business clients

3.       Learn how Cash Management is integrated with the Bank’s Technology, Operations and Sales teams and how they can work together better

4.       Learn how to conduct a risk assessment on new products

5.       Identify new bank fee opportunities, how to market and brand your Cash Management products, and ideas on how to sell more products by meeting your clients’ needs

6.       Learn about a sales process and how to customize it for your institution

7.       Learn about the future of Cash Management and how your bank can prepare

Topic Background

The Cash Management services have been around for over forty years. In recent years, the name was changed to Treasury Management. However, both terms are used interchangeably in the banking industry. Cash Management services and products include all the banking services financial institutions offer to business clients to help them handle their cash on a daily basis. There are over eighteen products in the market and more will continue to be created as technology takes over a lot of the banking functions. With increased new technology-based products come increased risk for both the financial institutions and the business clients who use the products. Therefore, it is crucial for both institutions and business clients to get educated on which Cash Management products are available, what their risks are, and how they can be used to maximize the management of the business’ daily cash to improve profits.

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