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Mentoring Relationships

Webinar - Presenting with the Bank Holding Company Association (BHCA)

Mentoring Relationships - How Having a Mentor and Being a Mentor Helps You Succeed in Your Career

This workshop is a combination of Marci’s inspirational stories of being a mentor as well as a mentee and tips you can use in your journey to succeed as a mentor and mentee. She shares how by being both during the course of her life has helped her succeed in her career as well as in her personal life. Marci shares about the traits of successful mentors, keys to becoming a successful mentor, the concept of reverse mentoring, and traits of a successful mentee. Marci also works with the participants to identify what type of mentor they may be looking for during this time in their careers, how to choose the right mentor, and how to be a successful mentor and mentee. You will walk away inspired and encouraged to change someone’s life by mentoring them and also encouraged to seek the ideal mentor for you.

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