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It's All About Your Strategic Plan


Your bank is unique. And so should your Strategic Plan be. What is your vision for the future of your bank? Do your employees know your vision, and can they articulate it? Does the culture and brand of your bank (everything from your electronic signature on your emails to the look of your bank lobby) reflect the vision of where you want to take your bank as well as your brand? Do you know your risks—the risks that are unique to your bank? Do you have the right people, and are they in the right places to fulfill the vision of your bank? Does your technology plan align with your bank’s overall Strategic Plan?

Marci will help you answer these critical questions. You will walk away with tools and ideas on strategies to integrate key components into your Strategic Plan such as:

1. Enterprise Risk Management Program

2. Marketing Plan

3. Business Plan

4. Technology Plan

5. Talent Management Program

6. Capital Plan

Marci will also share how to ensure your Strategic Plan doesn’t sit on the shelf and gets implemented through your team.

Learning Objectives:

· Learn the correct Strategic Plan structure for our bank

· Key components of a strong strategic plan for your community bank

· How to integrate each key component into your Strategic Plan

· Strategic planning process

· Strategic planning implementation across the organization

Who Should Attend:

Anyone in the leadership team and Board of Directors involved in Strategic Planning process. Members of the leadership team who are new to strategic planning process.

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