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North Dakota/South Dakota Bankers Association Conference

Bismarck, ND

Don’t Give Up on Banking!

You'll hear an inspirational story of an immigrant who started a community bank and helped it grow to over $300 million in assets in less than ten years. Marci Malzahn led her team and established a solid foundation and operational infrastructure to ensure the successful rapid growth of the bank.

At the same time, Marci encourages community bankers to not give up the fight and stay in the game. She shares ways for you to not only survive these times but also thrive and compete with the large banks. Marci also shares how by integrating your Enterprise Risk Management and Talent Management Programs into your Strategic Plan will give you a foundation for success and ultimately for increased shareholder value.

It’s All About Your Strategic Plan

Your bank is unique. And so should your Strategic Plan be. What is your vision for the future of your bank? Do your employees know your vision, and can they articulate it? Does the culture and brand of your bank (everything from your electronic signature on your emails to the look of your bank lobby) reflect the vision of where you want to take your bank? Do you know your risks—the risks that are unique to your bank? Do you have the right people, and are they in the right places to fulfill the vision of your bank?

Marci will help you answer these critical questions at the interactive workshop, “It’s All About Your Strategic Plan.” You will walk away with tools and ideas to:

  • Integrate your Enterprise Risk Management Program into your Strategic Plan

  • Integrate your Talent Management Program into your Strategic Plan, and

  • How to ensure your Strategic Plan doesn’t sit on the shelf and gets implemented

Know Your Value

In this inspirational talk Marci shares with her audience about the importance for people at all levels to know how valuable they are. Marci explores five key areas to encourage her audience to Know Their Value as an employee, as a volunteer, as an employer, as a leader, and as a person. This presentation is an interactive workshop where the attendees will have an opportunity to discover and share their gifts and talents with others, explore ways to use their gifts in the workplace and in the community, and be reminded of how valuable they each are.

After listening to Marci’s stories and participating in the workshop, whether you are male or female, whether you work for pay or as a volunteer, you will walk away encouraged to discover and share your gifts and talents. She will motivate you to use your talents to help others, and ultimately, inspire you to pursue your calling in life, knowing how valuable you are.

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